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‘Wanderers, All quite inevitably reminds you of the well crafted, much researched, thoroughly networked fiction of Amitav Ghosh… The novel is a commendable example on narrative technique. There is hardly a loose end, hardly a redundant link, or a strand of description that fails to keep the reader’s attention arrested from the very beginning to the end. The world of Wanderers, All is bustling with characters, all alive and throbbing… It is a must-read…’
- The Four Quarters Magazine

‘Janhavi Acharekar’s stories could well be designated The Art of Listening…’
—The Hindu

‘The book captures people’s moods, their everyday lives and emotions with great skill, painting a complete portrait of the city . . . a page-turner that will hold you right till the end, and even then, leave you wanting more.’
—Deccan Herald

‘Easy to read but not flippant, here is a wordsmith at work. Straddling with ease, the ground between fantasy and reality, her characters are flesh and blood, believable, even loveable.’
—The Tribune