Arts Stories


We’re Going To The Fair
Article on the London Book Fair 2009


Candid Snapshots
Book Review - Girish Karnad’s play ‘Wedding Album’


Moments of Honesty
Art Review - Photo exhibition ‘The Journey of a Moment in Time: Raghu Rai’, May 20 to July 20 2008, NGMA Mumbai.


Liberation Narrative
Book Review – Baby Kamble’s ‘The Prisons We Broke: The Autobiography of a Community, translated by Maya Pandit


Complex Equations
Book Review -  David Leavitt’s novel ‘The Indian Clerk’


Colours of Change
Art Review – ‘High on Hyderabad’, Jamaat Art Gallery, 2007


Relationships and Equations
Book Review -  Nikita Lalwani’s ‘Gifted’


Remarkable Self Portrait
Book Review - ‘Sketches from Memory’ by Laxmibai Tilak, translated by Louis Menezes


Different Crossovers
Book Review -  Maitreyi Pushpa’s ‘Alma Kabutari’, translated by Raji Narasimhan


No Child’s Play This
Theatre review – Prithvi Children’s Festival 2007


Dark Tales from Goa
Book Review – Savia Viegas’ ‘Tales from the Attic’


Of Love and Conflict
Theatre Review -  Girish Karnad’s play ‘Flowers’, produced by Rage and Ranga Shankara


Angry Strokes
Art Review – exhibition of Shahabuddin’s paintings at Institute of Contemporary Indian Art, 2007


The Larger Picture

Photography Feature - Jetwings, August 2005


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